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Quint's "hell-for-leather chase between violin and orchestra" with Singapore Symphony Orchestra

March 8th, 2020

"The virtuosic solo part, highly characterised and fantasy-driven, found a perfect soulmate in Quint’s artistry."



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Quint receives "a well-deserved long and thunderous standing ovation"

February 8th, 2020

The piece began like a waterfall featuring the woodwinds and featured a cat and mouse segment between the trombones and percussion and included a great cadenza.

Broadway World

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Philippe Quint played Barber and Chaplin arrangements with "bounding energy"

October 18, 2019

"Quint virtuosically powered through the rhythmically and harmonically challenging movements, including the final movement with Quint playing an immensely difficult violin solo spanning 110 measures."


Chatham Life and Style

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"Much to admire" about Quint, Bergmann and North Carolina Symphony performance

October 11, 2019

"Quint and Bergmann met for a performance of this very piece, so they brought considerably more experience to their reading here than might otherwise have been the case for such a comparative rarity, and it showed in the depth of understanding, the treatment of the score's many reflective beauties, and the unity of their approach."


Classical Voice of North Carolina 

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Charlie Chaplin's musical side celebrated in album of new arrangements

April 17, 2019

"I stumbled upon a song called 'Smile' on YouTube. And this was an arrangement that was performed by Gidon Kremer, I believe. And after listening to this arrangement, I thought to myself that I would love to have my own arrangement of this song."


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The tuneful tramp: the forgotten musical genius of Charlie Chaplin

April 16, 2019

And, naturally, many of Chaplin’s key climactic moments involve his own instrument. “The violin in his movies always represent the most emotional moment, starting with City Light’s flower-girl theme … it was the instrument of his heart,” says Quint.

The Guardian

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New Album Celebrates Musical Compositions of Film Star Charlie Chaplin, Born 130 Years Ago Today

April 16, 2019

"Quint added that "discovering Chaplin's music was as much of a blessing as it was perhaps the biggest challenge I've ever encountered musically speaking.  'A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow' as Chaplin described himself was easy to spot in his musical writings and it was my mission to preserve the simplicity of his soulful melodies while adding content that would be virtuosic and interesting for violin and piano...”​



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"It’s a triumph from start to finish"

April 8, 2019

"Headlining the project are violinist Philippe Quint and pianist Marta Aznavoorian for Warner Classics. Certainly, one would be hard-pressed to find two finer advocates for this fare, with its mix of early-20th-century popular song forms, tangos, and jazz. Quint and Aznavoorian are, as one would expect, technically excellent players. But they’ve got a winning feel for Chaplin’s freshly-spirited — but also musically-knowing — style. In a word, they don’t overdo anything."​



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