Charlie Chaplin's Smile 

Philippe Quint celebrates Charlie Chaplin's 130th anniversary with a unique multimedia performance.


Available with orchestra and in recital.

“I think it’s amazing that in 2019, one hundred and thirty years after his birth, my grandfather Charlie Chaplin is still around and loved by so many, that even a hundred and five years after his first movie was made, he still surprises people. Philippe Quint's new album Chaplin's Smile is allowing him to be discovered by a whole new audience as a talented composer, a side of him many people did not know.”


Charlie Chaplin's Smile, Trailer, 2020
Charlie Chaplin's Smile Orchestral Premiere excerpts
Warner Classics Release
Chaplin's Smile, 2019
Warner Classics EPK
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"Smile" Music Video featuring
Joshua Bell & Kiera Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin's Smile - Recital Version