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Homage to J.S.Bach (Violin | Piano | Visuals | Narrations) takes its inspiration from a similarly titled work by Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov and delves into the profound and lasting impact that Johann Sebastian Bach has had on subsequent generations of composers.

Beyond mere historical significance, this program explores how Bach's techniques, musical forms, and mastery of counterpoint continue to shape contemporary musical minds. Through a diverse selection of composers from around the world, the program reveals the ways in which they have skillfully incorporated Bach's musical innovations into their own worlds, offering audiences the opportunity to discover previously unexplored connections and sources of inspiration.

This program is a captivating journey through time highlighting the legacy of Bach's influence.

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The Muse: ( Visuals | Soprano | Violin I Piano | Narrator)  is a multimedia recital program, that will lead the audience through masterpieces from transformative composers such as Ethel Smyth, Clara Schumann, Nadia Boulanger and Florence Price. These transcendent women composers transformed classical music in their time, while also acting as mentors and educators—well beyond the usual definition of “muse."  A deeply personal journey, "The Muse" focuses on new works beginning with Philippe’s mother, celebrated composer Lora Kvint, but also presents works from today’s preeminent performers/composers such as Lera Auerbach, Vivian Fung and Errollyn Wallen. Poetry by Anne Finch, SAPPHO, & Lera Auerbach. Letters of Clara Schumann and Nadia Boulanger.


With over 40 performances worldwide, Charlie Chaplin’s Smile with Philippe Quint  is a multimedia genre bending show in recital and with orchestra, which is not only a celebration of Charlie Chaplin's musical legacy but also an exploration of one of the most fascinating life journeys .

What's truly remarkable is the enduring relevance of Chaplin's comedy in today's society. His films, crafted during the early 20th century, tackled pressing social and political issues, poverty, unemployment, inequality, and immigration, that continue to resonate deeply in the modern society. But there are always new layers of brilliance and emotion within Charlie Chaplin such as his musical legacy, compositions and even conducting.



The Legend of Astor Piazzolla is a multimedia show that features several of Piazzolla's most iconic works, as part of a narrative tracing the musical and personal journey of an extraordinary musician who achieved international acclaim and whose life story was, in his own words, "one of both angels and devils". Featuring members of The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago and Philippe's own Quint Quintet, Piazzolla's music is punctuated by visuals of Buenos Aires, narrations by Quint and animated by the words of Argentinian poet Lila Zemborain.


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